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Secure VPN Connection with VPS Hosting

Posted by Adi Wong On November - 20 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

VPN Secure Connection

Recently found a great deal on a really tiny VPS hosting. It is only a 128mb OpenVZ VPS with 500GB of bandwidth, but sufficient for me to have it setup with PPTP VPN and then use it to browse around. This is a VPS hosting in the United States, but I am also in the US and manage to get some friends to test out the connectivity. Streaming video on Hulu is actually decent from Malaysia and also Singapore. I am assuming my friends are using UniFi in Malaysia.

For me, there is still good use of this VPN as I can secure my connection when I am using a public WiFi. Next plan is to install OpenVPN to see if that works well on this little VPN as well. I follow an online guide for the steps to setup PPTP VPN on OpenVZ VPS hosting. It is quite straight forward and done in like 2 hours because the enabling of PPP via SolusVM actually needs to be done slowly. I disable it and waited it to reboot completely then enable it again, also wait for it to reboot. Then the PPP Works fine!

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SEO Changed So Much

Posted by Adi Wong On November - 12 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

I must say that I had not blog much or concentrate much on what I always liked to do online, which is to do Search Engine Optimization. But due to another newborn, migrating and new job role, I am struggling to keep this interest. Also at the same time, it is no longer profiting for me to do this.

Previously I own tones of website and all frequently update. But now I only own a hand full of core website that I focus. At the same time, I felt sad that there is so many effort going onto these website and it seems to be going down. So I am trying to work on a few of my website mainly my Malaysia Classifieds which is the first website I have done, and then focus a Business Card Printing website that is more of little online business I had pass to my family to manage since I am no longer in Malaysia. Also trying to start some project that is more related to my career in telecommunication industry just to keep my interest.

So any tips, with all the Panda and Penguin, wonder if there any new way (white hat) to optimize my website? Any tips?

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Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Adi Wong On April - 3 - 20121 COMMENT

I must say that in all my tries in affiliate marketing, it fail most of the time or at some time. Other times, I don’t earn enough to meet the cash out amount, which translate to nothing. Therefore my interest is never in affiliate marketing, but I still like to explore around search engine optimization, and do spend time to explore certain keyword. I must say that predicting the next trend is much easier than to compete in the current keyword for search engine optimization.

From my curiosity and experiment, I somehow got a niche last Christmas whereby I got a small amount of payout from Amazon affiliate alone. It was a simply website created with blogspot and with only 18 blog posts targeting Air Swimmers Remote Control Nemo and Shark.  Pretty happy with the result as it is mainly search engine optimization that result in the payout.

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WordAds for WordPress.com

Posted by Adi Wong On December - 1 - 20111 COMMENT


If you host your domain on WordPress.com, this is your chance to monetize your blog. Not sure if they will release WordAds for everyone as currently they are picking those blogs that is eligible for this program base on traffic, engangement, content and language used. The biggest barrier I am seeing is that an individual will need to use custom domains, which means purchasing their own domain name and mapping it there. WordPress.com does it for USD17/year.

A big step for WordPress to earn some money and attract more bloggers.

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512mb VPS Hosting

Posted by Adi Wong On October - 27 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Kids, don’t do this at home!

Actually it was not quite a simple task for me to move one of my semi-dedicated hosting to a VPS hosting in two weeks. But to reduce my web hosting cost, I had to go VPS and it also allow me to learn more. Plus I am working as a application system administrator, how can I fail in setting up my own server right?

The main hurdle was that my server keeps going down initially and that was very painful as I am restarting my server from my Nokia E72 or my iPad 2 or via my Laptop at different times. Everytime it goes down I had problem connecting to my server or it is way too slow. Lucky I manage to get some sypmtoms and the default Apache and MySQL setting is actually not suitable at all for server of this size.

Fine tuning the httpd.conf and my.cnf for more than twenty times and finally it has been stable. Although there are times it is using swap memory but I am reluctant to go any more lower. The normal memory usage is only around 225 MB which I think is great.

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