Jaiku Invites

Since Google acquires Jaiku, now Jaiku is closed for registration. Jaiku have brought in some traffic into this website because of my feed attached to my Jaiku.

Also, Jaiku is like MyBlogLog in a sense that you could actually obtain PageRank for your Jaiku page, but in Jaiku, you could include your link on the right panel. Overall, it is definately usefull to have Jaiku to promote a new blog. I am getting 9.98% of my search engine traffic from my Jaiku account. Since RiceBlogger was started only on August, this is a fairly new blog and any traffic to this blog will be helpful.  

If you need Jaiku Invites, drop me a comment here.

There only condition is that you will add me in your friend’s list :)

(Currently I have limited invites to Jaiku! Grab them fast!)

35 thoughts on “Jaiku Invites”

  1. Please send me an invite… I was about to sign up when I heard about it on BOL, two days later when I got around to it the registration.

  2. Looks like i’m late to the party… do you happen to have any more? Or do any of your new invitees?

    m [at] 3bean.net

    I can repay w/ an Oink invite (once a get my ratio back up)

  3. I hope you still have one more Jaiku invite left for me. I’ll make sure to add you. Thanks if you don’t have anymore though. Have a good day. =]

    jhavoc3 [at] gmail dot com

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