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Most Used Web Applications for Bloggers

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 18 - 2008

If you are a blogger, chances are you will be using most of this applications aleady. If not, you should give it a try and it may actually help improve your productivity and spread your blog to others. This web application have provided me with great blogging tools in terms of statistics, marketing, networking, blogging tips and much more.


Google analytics is one of the main statistics tool I use for all my websites. Having statistics for you website is very useful if you know how to inteprete them and use them for your Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.

It is sometimes addictive to check them oftently in a day, but once a day is more than enough.

Other useful statistics that are good include Statcounter, Woopra [Upcoming Live Stats] and Sitemeter.

Knowing What is Hot and What is Not

Digg, the easiest way to keep up with what is in the trend and what is not is good if you like to know news and information first hand.

Technorati is another great place where you could find latest news from Websites, Bloggers and News publication.

Never Ending Learning Process

To learn about blogging, web designer, internet markerter, seo expert, or programmer is always a never ending learning process. One of the best place for a community is at forums I tend to visit Digital Point, but there is other similar community like v7n, Webmaster World, or Blogeries. Each forum have its niche and topic of discussion, you may even find a webmaster community at your geographical area like I have Webmaster Malaysia

Get Noticed

No one will notice your website or blog if you do not do any publicity. It does not matter if you do them on Facebook, MSN, Word of Mouth, Newspaper, Online Advertisements, Billboards, SEO or any method you could think of.

As for Online Advertisements, so far I have used Google Adwords, and it is very powerful if you could use it properly. The next advertisements platform I have tried is Facebook because of $100 Free FaceBook, it is equally powerful in terms of the ability to choose which audience you would like to advertise to.

Other online advertisements, blog aggregator is a great place to publish your blog post. I use PPS and Ping.sg because they are simply more regional. For international audience, try FeedShark, as it provides a list of different Feed Aggregator.

Read other blog and network

Google Reader is the only RSS reader I used. There is others that are better but because it only requires one login for my email, adsense, adwords, analytics and Google Reader, I am choosing this service. A RSS reader allow you to follow on websites/blogs that interest you, therefore filtering out most of other junk. Because all navigation is through your RSS reader, you will be able navigate quickly, read quickly and it tends to have lesser advertisements.

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  1. San Nayak says:

    Google analytics is a real life saver. I use it for various things like the most clicked key phrase and most searched key phrases. I see where i have a room to improve. Which of my categories are doing good and which are bad. Check my visitors behavior etc. This is a great tool from Google.

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