Common WordPress Plugins

I have started uploading some WordPress plugins which is pretty common in most WP users.

Here is the WP Plugins which are installed:-

  1. Top Commentators – Featuring the top commentators of the month (could be set to hourly, days, month, year). This is a pretty nice plugins to attract reader to be active commenting on your website. It gives a link without a no-follow tag. You do not have to beg to get a link from a website, instead, you work for it.
  2. Adsense Deluxe – This is like a must for all WordPress users who wish to use adsense to monitize their blog. It allow users to customize your adsense to be embeded into your blog nicely and neatly.
  3. Batch Image Upload -It is a personal favourite of mine as you are able to upload image in bulk, resize them into specific width, then copy the link provided into your post editor.
  4. Get Recent Comment - Good to have plugin which shows post that is recently commented. It allow the author and other user to reply to the recently commented post.
  5. Subscribe to Comment – A good way to update commentators that someone replied to their comment.

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