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Flash Tag Cloud WordPress Plugin

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 22 - 2008

Previously my Tag Cloud was a little messed up because of the plugin and the theme arrangement. Until I found out this cool little Flash Tag Cloud Plugin for WordPress, WP Cumulus. Like any other WordPress Plugin, it is simply painless to install extra plugins.

Installation is just upload, activate and customize at settings panel. You could customize the size and color of the Tag Cloud easily on the wordpress settings panel. After that you just need to place the following code at your theme.

<?php wp_cumulus_insert(); ?>

As you can see the result will look like this or you could see it running at my sidebar.

Download your own Tag Cloud WordPress Plugin

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5 Responses to “Flash Tag Cloud WordPress Plugin”

  1. This is cool. I’m not even aware that such thing actually exists. It certainly is more eye-catching the static one in my opinion.


  2. Xbox 360 Fan says:

    This is actually really effective. When I first came on riceblogger I was curious as to how you did that tag cloud in the right side bar. Now I know! Nice work!


  3. It looks great but seems kind of hard to navigate properly. I prefer using the default tags that come with WordPress. A little bit of php and you have yourself a static tag cloud!

  4. travelcn says:

    This looks really nice, but from the view of seo I think static tag cloud is better, because it adds keywords to your webpage which can be spidered.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  5. WhiteKnight says:

    This is a cool little plugin that I stumbled across whilst trying to figure out how to edit the darn widgetized tag cloud that comes bundled with WordPress. This looks awesome but I don’t really think it serves either of the purposes of a Tag Cloud very well: 1) It is quite hard to navigate and see what you’re looking for if its right at the back and 2) It’s not very spider friendly.

    But from a purely aesthetic point of view, it’s brilliant!

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