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How to setup Riceblogger Theme

Posted by Adi Wong On September - 5 - 2008

Yesterday I released an edited version of the original Kubrick theme into a 3-Colume WordPress Theme, Riceblogger Theme, I decided to post some tutorial on how to use the various function included.It is fairly simple to edit the theme. You will need a little basic html knowledge to locate the code to edit.

I will try to provide step by step instruction here. If you still encounter some problem, kindly leave me a note here.


Like any other theme, all you need is to download the theme, unpack them and upload the whole directory. After that you activate the theme.

Remember to change the file attributes to 666 if you would like to edit your theme through your admin panel.

Change tabs title on the Riceblogger Theme

  1. Edit filename tabber.php
  2. Locate the tab you are interested to change either id=tab1, id=tab2, id=tab3 or id=tab4.
  3. Paste the title in between <h2> </h2>

Copy a video from Youtube or other media network

  1. Edit filename tabber.php
  2. Locate your video tab
  3. Copy and paste the whole embeded code in between <p> and </p>
  4. You should see something like this

Don’t worry about the size of the video because it will edit itself to comply to the tabber size.

Change banner ads

  1. Upload your banner ads to the banner folder I have provided in my theme. It will be located at [blogdirectory]/wp-content/themes/3-colume-kubrick/banner/
  2. find <?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/banner/banner.gif
  3. replace banner.gif with your banner filename

If you need any help, feel free to comment in this post.

WordPress 3 Column Theme – Kubrick

Posted by Adi Wong On September - 4 - 2008

This is an edit from the original 2 Column Kubrick and 3 Column Kubrick by Liewcf. I accidentally found this theme while trying to have tabber script onto WordPress Theme. Tabber is also the reason why I choosed this Forte Theme when I first saw it. For the same reason, Tabber makes the blog looks neat and at the same time navigation is fast and easy because it is pre-loaded. Decided to share this to see if people are interested in developing this default wordpress theme.

The next noticeable changes is the menu navigation. Although this theme is the most seen WordPress theme, but it is not that functionable because of the missing navigation menu.

All the changes that I have made to the Kubrick theme is as follows:-

  • 950px width (this allow a bigger writing space and a you could have an large rectangular at the top right of the post, like this blog)
  • Tabber Function
  • Navigation Menu
  • 125 x 125 Advertisements Slots (or it could be use for affiliate products)
  • Bigger leftsidebar of 170px to fit in Advertisement of upto 160px width. Rightsidebar 140px.
  • Added Small Feed Icon
  • Widgetized both Leftsidebar and Rightsidebar
  • Tags
  • Gravatar

I have tested this on the latest WordPress 2.6.1. Let me know if you have encounter some bug/error.

Hope you guys enjoy this theme.

Demo WordPress 3 Column Theme (This is just temperorary)

Download : RiceBlogger Theme (v1.1)

Flash Tag Cloud WordPress Plugin

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 22 - 2008

Previously my Tag Cloud was a little messed up because of the plugin and the theme arrangement. Until I found out this cool little Flash Tag Cloud Plugin for WordPress, WP Cumulus. Like any other WordPress Plugin, it is simply painless to install extra plugins.

Installation is just upload, activate and customize at settings panel. You could customize the size and color of the Tag Cloud easily on the wordpress settings panel. After that you just need to place the following code at your theme.

<?php wp_cumulus_insert(); ?>

As you can see the result will look like this or you could see it running at my sidebar.

Download your own Tag Cloud WordPress Plugin

Reminder Tool

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 7 - 2008

I think everyone could use a reminder tool on their email. Sometimes I tend to email a link back to myself just for the sake of reminding me to see the information at later times. Email future is providing this service for free, and I believe with “Public Messages”, you will be able to send to a list friends at a specific time.

The process is simple because there is no registration involved. It is very direct, you land on the website, type your email and do your schedule all in one page.

Admin Drop Down Menu Plugins

Posted by Adi Wong On July - 7 - 2008

Inproving the efficiency using wordpress is important especially for this new wordpress loads slower compare to the older version (b4 ver 2.0). Drop down menu will allow you to get the the specific setting options or specific option with just one click.

Download Admin Drop Down Menu Plugins Here