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Sexy Adsense

Posted by Adi Wong On November - 16 - 2007

Everyday advertiser will be thinking of ways to get best result out of Adwords and plublisher would think of ways to increase the CRT. Previously, people had done Adsense Beutifier, which is basically adding pictures beside Google Adsense. Unfortunately, it is against Adsense TOS and there is requirement on how you could use picure. If you insist having them, please read Adsense and image placement policy.

The previous Adsense Beuatifier looks like this:


Sexy Adsense

It has been decades and centuries human being used sexy appearance to market their product. A good example you see is boxing, cheerleaders, alcohol advertisements, racing queens and etc. It is a great idea placing a sexy figures to attract peoples attention.

This is the current approach, and it seems to be something really attractive, at least for men. It does not seems link it is associating the pictures with the advertisements. You may want to ask Google about it before using it.

YouTube be added to Google Adsense

Posted by Adi Wong On October - 9 - 2007

Google did not buy YouTube for USD1.65million for nothing. Google first step in monetizing YouTube by combining it with Google Adsense and allowing web publisher to deliver ad-supported video clips from YouTube.


Web publishers that participate in Google’s AdSense ad distribution network will now be able to make money by offering ad-supported video clips from Google’s YouTube video sharing site.

For advertisers, the program opens their video-based ads for distribution across the AdSense network, instead of being limited to the YouTube site. Meanwhile, video producers get a chance to generate revenue from their clips.

The video clips will be delivered within “a customized, embedded player that’s ad supported,” Google announced on Tuesday.

Not all YouTube videos are fodder for the program. Google is working with specific video producers that have agreed to participate, including TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, and Ford Models, the company said.

Google will deliver ads that are related to both the content of the clip and of the Web site. Ads will appear as banners on top of the video window, as well as in text format on the bottom of the clip.

Google will share revenue from the ads with the video owners and with the site publishers. The ads are available now in the U.S. for English-language Web sites.

[vis InfoWorld]

It is only available for U.S.A English Language Website only, this was the down turn. But nevertheless, it is good news for some people and we expect Google to have them available for all users once it pull off in the United States.

UPDATE: Confirms this via Google Adsense Blog

The Adsense + Youtube advertisements will look like this



Should you have ads on a new blog?

Posted by Adi Wong On October - 8 - 2007

Actually, I am self debating about this question when I started this blog. I tend to prefer putting advertisements in the later stage, maybe after getting a pagerank or acheiving a certain amount of alexa ranking before having advertisements. There may be a lot of blogs out there which is doing quite well even though they are practically a newly formed blog.

I think that reasonable amount of advertisements on a new blog is acceptable, but not too much until the reader is scare away. Personally, I have quit following some blogs because they are filled with advertisements, and sometimes concluding that the blog post could be a post for advertisements too. Credibility of the author will reduce when things like this happen.

October Income Summary

Posted by Adi Wong On October - 2 - 2007

This time of the month, you will see a some bloggers exposing their income. There will be a feeling of envy and motivated the same time. This makes me wonder if there is still space for another blog like this to earn some money. For a person from Malaysia, earning USD800-900 is consider pretty good for a startup salary or a recent graduate salary. There will be lots of space to grow from there.  

From this  list below, at least you know that USD800-900 is very acheivable, but will not come easy. I have owned websites with domain for years already, but have not concentrate on blogging, although I am able to earn some money out of them. Blogging is different as you will have to put effort writing throughout time to gather loyal reader.

JohnChow – USD20,512.17

Connected Internet – USD13,253

5xMom – USD5010.49

Samm – USD3969 (although there is no break down)

Rajawang – USD678.38

If you manage to find any, let me know.

Google Adsense go Mobile

Posted by Adi Wong On September - 18 - 2007

News.com was reporting that Google Adsense go Mobile, I was pretty interested to see what is available, although I do not think that I have the resources to make my website mobile friendly.

This should be a move for Google going towards the long spoken GPhone. It should be big as the phone is said that GPhone is sponsored by ads which make the phone cheap.

After confirming and reading more about this at Problogger,  I tried logging on to my adsense account to see if the function is available. This is what I got:-

* We do not currently offer AdSense for Mobile in Malaysia.

It is not available for Malaysia yet, not sure what country does it support currently.