How Adsense Revenue Split between Publisher and Advertiser?

This is one interesting news release by Google themselves at Inside Adsense. Many website publisher wonders about the percentage publisher earn from Google Adsense. Finally we got a concrete answer and the magic number is 68%.

The money you make from adsense is actually 68% of what advertiser would pay to Google. This is a pretty attractive as we know that most middle parties would take around 50%. This is the very first time Google is exposing this numbers. It may just be different few years ago, but it is good that Google is setting the standard high as a new player in this market would need to give better deal to attract publishers.

Search partners would get 51% of the revenue share. I am guess that this would also include the Mozilla Firefox (or they may get a better deal). While adsense for mobile is still remain undisclosed due to the fact that they are still growing and changing quickly.

It is also said that the revenue split between web publisher and advertiser are not guarantee to stay permanent.


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