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Clickbank for Malaysian

Posted by Adi Wong On May - 5 - 2008

clickbank malaysia

This is a very good news for all Malaysian. Click is officially Open for Malaysian for Registration!

Previously Malaysian have been using different technique to register for Clickbank because they know they could earn a pretty hansom money from it. The technique Malaysia use to overcome the registration is by having an virtual office in Singapore, therefore you are basically registering clickbank using a Singapore address. But there is no need to do that now.

I am not sure why Malaysia was not in their list, I belief was the Credit Card fraud in Malaysia previously was very high. But since the introduction of chipped credit card, I have not heard of any fraud anymore.

Here is a ping screen of the registration form and Malaysia is in there.

Clickbank open for Malaysian

Have fun exploring and earning some big money!

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5 Responses to “Clickbank for Malaysian”

  1. Kitkat says:

    Good news for all of us! Let’s make some big money!!! :)

  2. Adi Wong says:

    Kit Kat: yup. very good news. hopefully could make some new malaysia internet millionaire.

  3. Atniz says:

    That is great news. But, I don’t know why I still cannot use Clickbank now. I tried using some proxy site, then it can but it is not really safe to use proxy for clickbank…

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