Sexy Adsense

Everyday advertiser will be thinking of ways to get best result out of Adwords and plublisher would think of ways to increase the CRT. Previously, people had done Adsense Beutifier, which is basically adding pictures beside Google Adsense. Unfortunately, it is against Adsense TOS and there is requirement on how you could use picure. If you insist having them, please read Adsense and image placement policy.

The previous Adsense Beuatifier looks like this:


Sexy Adsense

It has been decades and centuries human being used sexy appearance to market their product. A good example you see is boxing, cheerleaders, alcohol advertisements, racing queens and etc. It is a great idea placing a sexy figures to attract peoples attention.

This is the current approach, and it seems to be something really attractive, at least for men. It does not seems link it is associating the pictures with the advertisements. You may want to ask Google about it before using it.

8 thoughts on “Sexy Adsense”

  1. I think the pictures make adsense look a lot better and I think Google should allow anything which is going to get more people onto their sites and clicking through – by doing this though, I suppose they would have to pay out more to site owners. I do like the pictures, I hope it takes off

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