YouTube be added to Google Adsense

Google did not buy YouTube for USD1.65million for nothing. Google first step in monetizing YouTube by combining it with Google Adsense and allowing web publisher to deliver ad-supported video clips from YouTube.


Web publishers that participate in Google’s AdSense ad distribution network will now be able to make money by offering ad-supported video clips from Google’s YouTube video sharing site.

For advertisers, the program opens their video-based ads for distribution across the AdSense network, instead of being limited to the YouTube site. Meanwhile, video producers get a chance to generate revenue from their clips.

The video clips will be delivered within “a customized, embedded player that’s ad supported,” Google announced on Tuesday.

Not all YouTube videos are fodder for the program. Google is working with specific video producers that have agreed to participate, including TV Guide Broadband, Expert Village, and Ford Models, the company said.

Google will deliver ads that are related to both the content of the clip and of the Web site. Ads will appear as banners on top of the video window, as well as in text format on the bottom of the clip.

Google will share revenue from the ads with the video owners and with the site publishers. The ads are available now in the U.S. for English-language Web sites.

[vis InfoWorld]

It is only available for U.S.A English Language Website only, this was the down turn. But nevertheless, it is good news for some people and we expect Google to have them available for all users once it pull off in the United States.

UPDATE: Confirms this via Google Adsense Blog

The Adsense + Youtube advertisements will look like this



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