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Website Uptime to your Email

Posted by Adi Wong On July - 6 - 20104 COMMENTS

I have always believe in website uptime affecting our SEO ranking and reduces the return visitor. This is one of the very important criteria when you pick a webhosting and not the price. I am using this service from AreMySitesUp, as poor as many of you out there, I am using the free service with 5 domain name. This is fine with me, the only downside for the free account is that this website will delete inactive users, because I do not need to check the website for my status, I tend not to login to the website.

Anyhow, I think it is a nice service to share. Let me know if you use other service for monitoring your website uptime.

Site: http://aremysitesup.com

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Export Large MySQL to Move your WordPress

Posted by Adi Wong On June - 18 - 20103 COMMENTS

Other than files, you need to also move your database. If you are use to the GUI, you know that there is limitation exporting and importing. This is especially true when you have a large database. Through phpmyadmin, it is also a lot slower compare to method whereby you export large MySQL via SSH.

The command:-

mysqldump -u [username] -p [DB name] | gzip > [dbname].sql.gz

It will prompt for password, type in the password for this access to the database. You will get a file name exactly like what you have typed at the end of above command ([dbname].sql.gz).

Use an ftp program to download the file.

Because the file is compress, you are downloading it even faster, and you can un-compress it on your new webhosting.

To Import the large MySQL

gzip [dbname].sql.gz


mysql -u [username] -p [DB name] < [dbname].sql

** If you uses a different username and DB name in your new webhost, use the new value in the bracket

I hope this this will actually make moving your wordpress or your website to another webhosting much easier.

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Worldcup update Via Twitter

Posted by Adi Wong On June - 12 - 20104 COMMENTS

Twitter Worldcup is a page created by twitter to accomodate all the tweets about those 32 countries that will be playing in South Africa. There are also individual page on different matches that will playing whereby you will track tweets of both countries.

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50% off purchase and renewal of all .my domains

Posted by Adi Wong On May - 31 - 20103 COMMENTS

If you are renewing or planing to purchase a Malaysia domains, you should take a look at this news officially announce by MYNIC. They release a public announce that all domain renewal and purchase of .my domains will enjoy 50% off. Most domain provider does not publish this so you will have to contact them, I personally tried this with exabytes and immediately I got the 50% off, it is simple and can save you some money.

Here are the deals:-

  • .my domains – RM120/year now is RM60/year
  • .com.my, .net.my, .org.my, .edu.my, .gov.my, .mil.my – RM80/year now is RM40/year
  • .name.my – RM32/year now RM16/year

So happen that my domain expiring this month, I am not sure if you can do that with domain expiring next year or end of this year. But check with your domain provider. If you own a lot of .my domain, this is quite some huge discount for domains.


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This is one interesting news release by Google themselves at Inside Adsense. Many website publisher wonders about the percentage publisher earn from Google Adsense. Finally we got a concrete answer and the magic number is 68%.

The money you make from adsense is actually 68% of what advertiser would pay to Google. This is a pretty attractive as we know that most middle parties would take around 50%. This is the very first time Google is exposing this numbers. It may just be different few years ago, but it is good that Google is setting the standard high as a new player in this market would need to give better deal to attract publishers.

Search partners would get 51% of the revenue share. I am guess that this would also include the Mozilla Firefox (or they may get a better deal). While adsense for mobile is still remain undisclosed due to the fact that they are still growing and changing quickly.

It is also said that the revenue split between web publisher and advertiser are not guarantee to stay permanent.


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