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Google is removing PageRank?

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 21 - 20072 COMMENTS

Pagarank will be define by some webmaster as totatly useless number whom other webmaster are trying to gain. PageRank currently is a way to determine a website value, an ads value in a particular website or price of a link.

Although there is different alternatives to determine the value of the website such as Alexa, Technorati Ranking (only for blogs)and Compete, pagerank is one of the hardest to manipulate and I would say pretty fair. Definately there are people using Blackhat technique to manipulate Pagerank succesfully, but overall it is quite good and effective.

Webmaster spend months and years trying to get higher pagerank that increase the value of their website. Pagerank is update usually 4 times a year, but the exact time and date is never known.

Now the main discussion is to determine if Google is serious about removing Pagerank. You could see that people discussing in Digital Point intensely.

My thoughts on this is that Google would not remove this Pagerank algorithm. My reasoning:-

  • Open up opportunity for other search engine
  • After all the hardwork, Google is willing to cut off its matemathician
  • How is Google going to rank all websites now?

Anyway, you won’t know what Google is up to next.

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Domain Appraisal

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 20 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

This is a fun tool to check the value of your domain. Currently, riceblogger is valued at USD21. It is pretty good since it is only up for a week. LeapFish offer this service for free, but it is not always accurate.

According to LeapFish:

Estimated Base Value:    An estimated base value is created by your names CVS and is generally considered the minimum you should accept for your domain name.


It is not like I have plans to sell the domain, but I do feel that this appraisal services usually value a domain with a very high price.

Try with your domain and see how much it is valued.

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Monday Post

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 20 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

I have actually been busy altering this blog and also subscribing my blog to different feed aggregator in order to get readers for the very first time.

Here is some of the stuff which have been done

Added Digg It and StumbleUpon button for reader to recommend to others when they like my post.

Change my feed to a feedburner url, as I am able to track and with the Feedburner Pro function, I am given more numbers and statistics which currently is just numbers. But in the future, this may be important to determine my readers interest.

Exchanging some links, I have been trying to exchange links with some other bloggers, but I know it would be hard due to the fact that most blogger would not spare their link to a PR0 blog. If you have a link to spare, SPARE ME A LINK!

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Color Picker Plugin for Firefox

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 17 - 20076 COMMENTS

This is a highly recommended plugin for designer, especially website designer. Collorzilla allows the designer to pick the color directly from the homepage, therefore, there will be no mistake in your color selection.

It is easy to use, just click on the small colorpicker icon on the bottom left of your Mozilla Firefox browser, and then move the cursor to the exact location you would like to pick the color. It will record the RGB, Web Colour Code (#xxxxxx) and the exact coordinate.

It currently support Intel Mac, FireFox and Ubuntu FC5 Linux.

Download Color Picker for Firefox

If you do not have firefox, you could start:-

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3D Button Tutorial

Posted by Adi Wong On August - 17 - 2007ADD COMMENTS

Web 2.0 style becoming popular, more and more websites is using buttons which are simple, bright and catchy ideas to get readers to click on their buttons or logo. Some of the websites even offer a simple and hassle free method to create your very own cool 3D button. But there is always certain limitation on what type or shape you would like your button to be.

The most flexible way is always to do it yourself with Adobe Photoshop.

You will be able to come out with logo/button just like this:-


The process is very simple. It only includes Rectangular Marquee Tool, Skew, Distort, Gradient and some dragging with your mouse. Within 5-15minutes, you will get a cool looking 3D button for your website.

Learn 3D Button Tutorial

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