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I have recently won a VivaZoom Plugin (from WPCandy) and it is a great plugins. This was a easy contest was all I had to do is to write a post to thank the people at WordPress. VivaZoom plugin is actually gives your website a very cool effect for all your pictures. But all it was lacking was a good theme, because normally, most theme have lack of thumbnail pictures on the front page and also the sidebars.

This is a great plugin for magazine theme because there is no need to use “custom field” to include picture into the post and front page (unless your intention is to have different picture for front page and the post). Vivazoom will automatically crop the picture according to the needed width and height.

This nifty little plugin would actually go nice with most Magazine Theme that uses custom fields to upload its picture. I will start off with 2 free ones that I have found.

1. Mimbo WordPress Theme

Mimbo is one of the best free magazine theme I have seen so far and look very professional.

It does categorize top navigation panel into subpages, that is very clean and neat way of arrangement.

[Demo] [Download]

2. Arthemia

This is another well designed Free Magazine Theme. It is more of a summary theme on the top half. Then normal blog style in the bottom half.

Browse category section is a huge plus for me.

[Demo] [Download]

3. Massive Press

Massive Press have a slightly different layout, it does not look so commercial but it is able to provide a massive amount of information in its small little front page.

[Demo] [Download]

4. Revolution Pro Media

This is by far one of the best layout theme I have seen so far with Magazine. I am also doubtful about how I could fill up the whole frontpage with information.

Although it is targeted towards media, there is great usage of what you could do with this theme.

[Demo] [Purchase]

5. Celebrity Press

This is truly a theme suitable for celebrity gossips and news. The layout will allow you to cramp as many news, pictures and advertisements into a page.

[Demo] [Purchase]

6. Wynton Magazine

Wynton is a free Magazine wordpress theme with great navigation layout. Although there is a little lack of space for advertisements. The layout is very clean and nice.

[Demo] [Download]

7. Maya Theme and Theme Spinner

Maya Theme and Theme Spinner is actually quite similar. Although the design may not be very modern. This style works for million of website previously and will always be there.

Maya Theme [Demo] [Download]

Theme Spinner [Demo] [Download]

8. WordPress Magazine

A Three Colume Magazine Style Layout and great arrangement. You could basically store all information without visitor scrolling much for information from a normal blog layout.

[Demo] [Download]

9. Option Theme

Comes in three different colors, tabber function, subpages navigation and image navigation. This is definitely a theme that uses a lot of javascript.

[Demo - Blue] [Demo - Grey] [Demo - Light Color]


NOTE: It is mention that this is only for WordPress 2.5. Let me know if it work for you.

10. Monochrome Light & Pro

The paid version have a better layout. But the lite version look more like a blogging website with a magazine outlook.

[Demo] [Download]

[Demo] [Download]

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Magazine Theme for WordPress”

  1. One thing about all these magazine themes is that there is an excessive use of images on the theme and being the lazy me to search for images, I just have to miss those awesome theme design.

    My preference has to be Massive Press.


  2. Those are interesting themes. The appearance of blogs is important to make the viewers come to visit the blogs again. Besides, the blog contents need to maintain according to the purpose of the blog for the readers.

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