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WordPress Admin Theme

Posted by Adi Wong On April - 7 - 2008

Edrei actually commented in my upgrading wordpress post with this new plugin which gives a better and easier navigation panel for this new WordPress 2.5. It actually look pretty decent and the layout of it is very friendly. I am sure that some people is confused with the latest wordpress admin theme, as the description of the tabs has changed and the placement of the tabs function is moved.

Since I have to adapt to this new changes, I guess there is no harm trying out his words and I actually find it pretty clean and nice to use this. It is just like any other plugin whereby you upload into wp-plugins and activate it. This is the very first time I had changed my WordPress Admin Theme.

Here is a screenshot of it while I am writing this post. I like the panel and the color of this WordPress Admin Theme. All control panels gathered together at the left panel is a great idea, it is easy and fast to navigate around.

Download and try Fluency Admin Theme here.

I still have not solve my uploading picture issue as I am unable to do a proportional resizing with this new wordpress. Bare with me while I find another plugin for picture resizing.

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2 Responses to “WordPress Admin Theme”

  1. Edrei says:

    Also a good other plugin to go with the admin is Ozh’s Admin Drop Down plugin. It allows you to go straight to the page you want without waiting for the page to load before clicking on the subpages. Saves you a lot of time and I’ve never gone without it since way back.

    As for the picture upload, make sure you got your upload folder correct and if necessary, update it again in your miscellaneous options. Another problem could also be if you have the Bad Behavior plugin installed. It does interfere with the uploads.

  2. Adi Wong says:

    oh..i know that…..thanks….but i felt that my admin panel actually does a good job navigating


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