CloudFlare Review – Free CDN with Web Security

Since Website speed actually affect your SEO rankings also your visitor experience it is higly recommended that you have a Content Delivery Network (CDN), but most of you will fall in the same category as me as we have little budget and most CDN service cost us monthly fee.

What I am about to introduce is much better it does not only improve your website speed, but reduces the bandwidth ussage, and on top of all those a bunch of basic security to identify and block new threats towards your website. All of this you will get by paying $0, yup nothing. They do provide a paid service of $20/month with advance security. I have tried it on one of my high ussage website and hope its performance does increase, but I am sure that SPAM is reduced so far.

Persenting…..CloudFlare, a service that acts as a proxy between your visitor and your webhosting company. It cashes static content so requests towards your service will reduced. Provides protection against Bots, Spam, Offline Browsing and Site Statistics.

It will be a hot service, as CloudFlare wins most innovative company award from TechCrunch Disrupt conference.

This is what you see in the web security feature that you will manually or blocking Web Spammer, Botnet Zombie and Exploit Attacker. Or you can type in the IP or country you would like to block.

Although I do not find all features like hotlinking protection and live statistics is not working yet, it is good enough for now. Especially for a person who runs multiple websites and one man show is just hard to beat those corporate with staff(s) filtering out the spam.

Site: Cloudflare

6 thoughts on “CloudFlare Review – Free CDN with Web Security”

  1. It’s indeed a good CDN company. But I would still prefer making your own CDN with a subdomain or a new domain of your choice. This way you can have better control on your contents and avoid every possible downtime that you might have to experience if you use a external CDN.

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